For developing seductive and fresh description for your products on eCommerce website is not that much easy. This article deals with three main principles to develop an excellent product description. They are the following:

  1. Unique and Detailed Product Description

It is essential to provide description about your product in a unique way to grab the attention of customers. If you are simply copy and paste product details from other manufacturers, you will be marked down in search engine results. Instead of copy and paste the product description, you can refer the content of other websites for developing your product description. To write fresh, attractive and original content using keywords might be a difficult task but it will help to improve your website traffic.

 If you are writing content naturally, you can automatically include the keywords without spending additional time. Before you start writing product description, you should have to make a detailed study about the product, targeted customers and its marketing possibilities. The product title, product code and product description should be clear and reliable. The unique and fresh product description helps to improve the conversion rates and provides better customer experience.


  1. Focus on your ideal customer and persuade with benefits

As a copywriter, you should have a deep knowledge about the customers of your product. If you have an understanding of your customers, you can write unique product descriptions that successfully converts browsers into paying customers. The product description should address your ideal buyer personally and directly. If you are not able to answer the customers’ doubts, let them know you will find out and get back to them as soon as possible.

To persuade your targeted audience, you have to explain the features and benefits of the product in a detailed way. The customers mainly want to know what is in it for them than the features. Therefore, you have to highlight the benefits of the specific features. To attract the targeted audience, the writer should have to focus on the uniqueness of the product and spotlight the benefit the product offers to the customers.

  1. Make description readable

The product details should be simple and easy to read. Use short sentences to grab the meaning without any confusion. The font size should be larger enough to improve the readability of your text and the background color must be white.

List the features and benefits of your product and use bullet points while writing the features and advantages of a product. It will help to draw your customers’ attention easily.  Use of white space also increases the readability of your product description. Video or photography of your product will enhance the customers’ desire for buy that particular product.