Industries Served


Allianze Technologies have excellent practices and techniques to handle various healthcare requirements. Our AI solutions will assist healthcare workers to resolve data management issues and reduce the effort in patient demography control. IoT services we provide are effective in remote patient monitoring, collecting patient details such as body temperature and pressure variations, and helping medical workers to treat them effortlessly.

  • AI solutions are most beneficial for data mining, collecting patient details from various resources, identifying patterns and anomalies within large data sets, and making them useful for data analysis.
  • AI tools such as Optical Character Recognition will extract data directly from medical records with less human intervention.
  • Natural Language Process(NLP) identifies the meaning of naturally written medical prescriptions and helps them digitize for accessing or transferring them in a better way.
  • IoT devices can ensure continuous checking and monitoring of heartbeats, glucose levels, and even depression or mood monitoring.
  • AI techniques such as Medical Image Analysis will help analyze large image files of scan reports or X-Ray reports detecting minute variations. It will be helpful for fast disease diagnostics.


With the services of Allianze Technologies, you will get the best solutions to boost education and training facilities. AI techniques that becoming the driving force of today's educational sector with universal classrooms overcoming the hurdles of language and cultural barriers. Tutoring outside the classrooms ensures personalization in the process, and our AI tools will help monitor daily tests, homework, and examinations. Also, our web development services will boost e-learning which has become common in this hyper-connected world, making it a necessity for every educational institution.

  • Our AI techniques will avail instant feedback to learners and let them improve performance in time.
  • AI education is a blessing for those students who could not attend schools or colleges with e-learning facilities.
  • AI helps teachers with grading and performance evaluation activities regularly.
  • Our web development solutions will help educational institutions to have a better online presence and thus reach a global audience.
  • Web development is also essential for creating alumni networks, empowering the recruitment process, faculty accomplishments, and many more.


Marketing requires relevant data, and the automated solutions of Allianze Technologies can provide them with higher quality. We extract market data from various online or offline sources with absolute precision. It will boost the market data analysis process help in developing in-depth marketing insights. With our AI techniques, you can arrive at informed marketing decisions and develop strategies to track, monitor, and improve marketing strategies.

  • Well-structured marketing strategies with quality ensured data bring a better ROI in less time.
  • By collecting consumer data from emails, social media platforms, business websites, etc., with automated data extraction techniques, we make marketing more personalized.
  • With our AI tools, you can track and monitor marketing campaigns. It helps to analyze the results it brings to the business in real-time.
  • With automated chatbots, we make our marketing efforts apt for customer relationships.
  • Our predictive analysis techniques will help foresee future trends and thus reduce risks in business.

Banking and Finance

We all live when consumers opt for digital solutions for banking and financial transactions. The automated solutions we provide thus will help you get several benefits in banking, insurance, and money transactions. Handling numeric data related to payments, interest rates, consumer details, regulations, and industry updates becomes a matter of a few clicks with the AI solutions of Allianze Infosoft. Also, the web development practices we follow will boost your business with excellent options for easy transactions, customized user experience, bringing trust and loyalty.

  • Intelligent robots will assist banking professionals in loan processing or insurance claim processing consuming less time.
  • The error-free extraction and processing of data will reduce denial rates of insurance or loan claims providing a better business reputation.
  • With AI techniques, baking enterprises can monitor their online activities with proper tracking facilities and better sentiment analysis.
  • AI chatbots used in the insurance sector will ensure better interaction with regular customers increasing customer relations.
  • Our AI tools are the best in detecting fraudulent transactions and making the process free from online or offline threats.
  • Our web development strategies will optimize the banking services for various devices bringing a better customer experience of online banking.


As one of the oldest industries, the agricultural sector can thrive with automated solutions to get maximum harvest with effective utilization of available resources joining hands with Allianze Technologies. It will be an asset for your business and the entire society to meet the increasing need for food and agricultural products all across the globe. The automated solutions we provide will assist farmers in the complete lifecycle of farming like soil preparation, seed sowing, adding fertilizers, irrigation, weed protection, harvesting, and storage.

  • Our AI tools can be excellent at forecasting weather conditions and predicting futuristic patterns that can affect farming, reducing risk factors.
  • It can get used for monitoring soil and crop health in regular periods with image recognition techniques.
  • Predictive analysis with automation will help collect relevant data and arrive at informed conclusions about timely harvesting, water management, optimum planting, and the type of seeds suitable for the soil.


Transportation facilities should be available at any time, giving precise information, for enforcing the traveling experience. In fact, you can get it achieved with the automated and IoT techniques offered by Alliazne Technologies. Providing transportation facilities involves collecting details of available traveling facilities, prices, food and accommodation, and many more. Our AI tools are the best to collect data from various resources and organize, analyze, and arrange them for better access to users. As a result, transportation companies can provide their customers a chance to access transportation facilities like booking, enquiring, making payments, and giving feedback effortlessly.

  • IoT solutions of Allianze Technologies will help connect traffic environments to help users plan their travel better.
  • IoT enables tracking train speed, aircraft conditions, roadway temperatures, and many more to improve safety in traveling.
  • Effectively developed automated chatbots with our help will respond quickly to customer queries and ensure availability 24 hours a day.
  • AI and IoT technologies collect relevant data and make it accessible for users at any time. It lets the users get updated throughout the journey with them.
  • Vehicle tracking systems with IoT will ensure that the shipment products are on their way and reaches safe hands.


Our automated techniques will help make gaming strategies personalized and captivating by collecting the most valid information to study user behaviors and priorities. We develop AI tools that control the actions of non-performing characters. It helps game developers to implement a better storyline that provides the best user experiences. Also, it implements better audio, video, and 3D facilities to make the gaming experience more real and fascinating.

  • Our AI software will collect gigantic amounts of data to develop algorithms to train gaming characters and storylines.
  • With the creative development of game design, the characters can develop their own feature to enforce personalization and better user experience.
  • Our assistance will help the game you developed to be customized to use in various devices and make them reach more consumers.

Cyber Security

Our AI-driven cyber security solutions will make your confidential data protected from any cyber attacks or malpractices. It will make you confident with your online strategies to win the market. Our AI tools can handle a lot of data in lesser time and detect harmful files immediately, suggesting resolutions. It also assists with regular monitoring of operating systems reducing the time and effort of in-house staff handling these tiresome projects. These cyber security techniques will be intelligent enough to improve their capability for threat detection in time, dealing with more data.

  • It will help you develop the best authentication methods like face recognition, fingerprint scanners, CAPTCHA, and more to protect your sensitive files online.
  • It will reduce human errors and negligence that cause serious trouble securing information online.
  • Our AI techniques will be excellent in distinguishing harmful bots from harmless ones, limiting their involvement in website traffic.
  • It provides threat levels and predicts risks when accessing a device or platform.
  • Antivirus tools will prevent malware or ransomware attacks and ensure better endpoint protection.