ways-you-can-design-your-website-to-serve every-customer

Customer engagement is the top priority for every digital marketer and brand manager these days. It is important because there’s way too much competition and every moment the competitors are also trying to capture the attention of your existing or potential customers. Your website design can help you significantly in engaging the customers longer. But that’s not an easy job. Here are 5 important points to consider while you are focusing on engaging every customer individually:

Personalization Matters

Personalization is key to capturing and retaining customer attention in websites. You can include elements for personalization during website development so that the website offers seamless browsing and/or shopping experience exclusive to the user. Once the user gets familiarized with your website that’s offers exclusive content based on the user’s previous usage and historical data collected from various other sources, the user remains loyal longer.

Data-driven Recommendation

Today’s online world is completely data-driven. There are many metrics you can collect from your own website, social media networks and with the help of outsourcing partners. This information can be used efficiently to come up with useful recommendation to the users which will make them happier. You can use this technique for cross-promotion and better customer satisfaction. Offering more than what they expect is a great way to retain customers longer.


User Experience

User experience plays an important role in customer engagement and retaining. Experienced offshore website design companies will always recommend offering the best user experience which will take care of the site’s speed, functionality and ease of use to start with. When the user finds a website easy to use, they will find it more comfortable with your website which reinforces the brand bonding. That’s half the game won! Add to that, the personalization and data-driven recommendation, you can easily win the rest of the game.

Easy Navigation

Navigation is another important factor which many designers and developers often neglect. But easy navigation should be one of the top 5 priorities of web design services. As a customer finds your page and starts browsing through the content, he/she will navigate through the different pages within the website. If you provide different navigation options such as new window or new tab with every click, the customer will soon lose track of the actual website they started with and wander away to other websites. With easy and intelligent navigation set, it becomes a smooth sail for the customer.

Informative Content

Content is the King and providing informative, non-redundant and relevant content makes a huge difference to your customer-base. Rich content with low-load is ideal to retain individual customers. When you provide personalized content, it becomes more relevant to the customer. It is also important that the content is light and less distracting. Never leave open-ended questions to the user so that they go searching for an answer. So always ensure rich, positive and comprehensive content backed by facts and figures to make your website more attractive, reliable and informative.

These are some basic design elements that can help you to retain customers.