how-to-know-If- your-website-has-been-hacked

Every website owner is scared of their website being hacked any moment. The worst part is that most of the website or business owners are non-technical and have no clue how to even identify whether their website has been hacked or not. Moreover, today the hackers use very complicated ways to disguise their hacking because of which by the time the owners understand that their website is hacked, it gets too late. But if you include certain minute elements in your Website Design you can easily identify hacking in the early stages itself. Here are some more details on how to understand at an earlier stage if your website has been hacked:

Do not Ignore Warnings

One of the earliest signs of Website Hacking is a Google alert that your website has been hacked or attempted to hack. Sometimes when you search for your website, you get a warning that the website has been compromised or hacked. Many people get to know about the hacking when the browser sends out and alert. Hence, it is important not to ignore the early warnings of a hacking.

Malware Scanner

It is imperative that you install a malware scanner in your web server and also at console so that you can get a warning when a hacking is attempted. The malware scanner will warn you of the attempted hack or infection by email. But this is possible only when you use the best malware scanner and also keep it updated. All known malwares will be caught. If the attempt is made by an unknown malware, the software tool may not be able to identify it.

Search Console

When you register your website on Google search console, you will be able to see the websites that have marked you as hacked. This is another way to know whether your Business Website has been hacked or not. But if your website has been cloaked, you may not be able to find out about the hacking using Google search console.

Unusual Activities

The most common way in which most of the website owners get to know about hacking is when they notice or customers report unusual activities such as spam emails, popups or unknown redirects to some other spammy websites. An unusual traffic may also be a sign of hacking.

Proactive Methods to Track Hacking Attempts

Modern technologies allow you to install advanced monitoring software to keep close track of even the minute changes happening on your website. Even an unexpected spike in the web traffic can be tracked using such software. Some of the Wordpress Website Plugins are also very effective. You can also use a source code scanner to keep close track of the website code. Remote scanners also are proven good tools to keep track of website activities.

If you are using a WordPress website, there are many free and paid plug-ins and themes that offer utmost security features to websites. Many hosting companies also offer high-end security tools to keep track of the websites hosted on their servers to make sure they remain safe and secure. Keeping close watch on the activities of your website is the ultimate way to identify any uncanny activities at the earliest.