Chatbot- Case Study

Building Customer Trust with Automated Chatbot Support in Healthcare Services

The Type of Client We Did Have

With the best experience in assisting various business sectors, Allianze Technologies had the opportunity to boost the business functioning of one of our clients, who had their healthcare business network all across the United States with advanced automated chatbots. They came up with some issues to manage the increased amounts of online queries, lack of online assistance for their customers, and difficulties in meeting their services available 24 hours a day. They found a fundamental issue to resolve when confronting a global audience with digital strategies.

What Challenges Did They Have?

To be precise, we can specify the challenges they had that needed to get resolved immediately.

  • They needed to improve the responses to online queries they get from various parts of the world by understanding the meaning of their sentences. They needed to ensure that no questions went unanswered.
  • The time delays for responding to customer queries make their website visitors spend less time on their websites and step back from making online appointments.
  • They struggle to maintain a proper customer relationship strategy when there is an increase in product needs.
  • They were required to develop a patient tracking system storing information of those who enquired about specific diseases, services, and storing their responses and opinions.

Our experts studied the issue and found out the exact requirements they had. They proposed two resolutions for this,

  1. Hook the website visitors with a pleasant welcome message.
  2. Make chat support available 24 hours a day.
  3. Provide them with authentic medical information. Store the details of enquirers in secured systems easy to access and analyze.

How did Allianze Technologies Foud Effective Resolutions?

The first step we made was to investigate their business requirements. We developed the type of welcome message that will make the visitors spend more time online. For that, we understood the audience type they target and outlined strategies to write texts for developing messages welcoming them. We collected and analyzed online medical queries and interactive patterns to train the AI-powered tools that we have.

Allianze Technologies is confident enough to train AI-powered tools to educate visitors about healthcare assistance and prevent them from leaving the page. It can direct the visitor to various sections and services on the web page. It also makes them take an appointment with ease. Since an effectively trained chatbot can work day and night without any delays in responses, the client has met with their business hurdles regarding customer interactions.

The Final Outcome

  • Patients became able to check symptoms and be sure about their health conditions in immediate situations with an automated chatbot.
  • Personalization can get implemented by collecting relevant consumer data and thus providing a better consumer experience.
  • The longer the conversations, the more chances for getting a business lead.
  • The welcome messages will increase open rates by up to 35% results in increased website traffic.
  • Interactive chatbots can analyze previous medical history and provide appropriate information on insurance claims and medical facilities in advance. 
  • Therapy chatbots helped them provide mental health assistance for their clients online and brought the best consumer experience.