Artificial intelligence is in high demand these days. All large technology companies are trying to make their own versions, and this topic often appears in the news. AI allows the machine to take over tasks that previously required human beings. You can hire offshore web development company to integrate AI for you. There are some WordPress plugins already out there using artificial intelligence. In this article we will take a closer look at such plugins that use AI.

WordPress Plugins Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning


The first plugin from our list brings eponymous service features to your WordPress website. The idea behind Wordlift is to use AI to handle human languages to improve content.


Breinify is a service that collects information about visitors beyond a single website. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is intended to learn more about other categories of users depending on which WordPress sites they visit.


It is said that the new version works ten times faster. You can outsource services from professional website development companies to add a new structured classification.


It is an AI-driven cloud-based content conservation tool. Mycurator can help you discover interesting content in your niche and use AI to sort what you find by relevance.


It helps you to improve your content. To do this, connect your website to IBM Watson's review analytics.

Kindred Posts

Kindred posts provide a widget for your website to recommend relevant content to visitors. It uses artificial intelligence to learn more about its visitors and suggest content accordingly.

After the deadline

Provides an AI based contextual spelling check after the deadline. Not only does it find typing errors, it also provides smart tips to improve your language. If you are not able to integrate AI plugins yourself, you can always take help from WordPress website development agencies.

Qttera Web Malware Scanner

As the name suggests, quttera can run malware scanning Trojans, backdoors, worms, viruses, spyware, code injection and other digital pests. The special thing is that it uses cloud technology and AI to do this.

Free Live Chat +24/7 Automatic Bots

Want to support your site 24 hours a day, but don't have the funds to hire someone to do it? Then this plugin can be the answer. It provides a machine learning chatbot that can act as a customer support agent on its own.

Woocommerce Darwin Pricing Integration

This following plugin allows you to integrate Darwin pricing software into woocommerce. It allows you to run sales campaigns with geographic targets to deliver the most effective discounts using real-time competition monitoring and artificial intelligence.

The Client’s Relations Factory

TCRF allows users to connect to WordPress a virtual bot platform. This way, you can equip a website with a customizable virtual client service bot.

The Primal

Primal is another service that allows you to display relevant web content to your visitors. Gathers information about your articles and page topics and displays the most recent and relevant content. Through machine learning, the plugin improves over time by observing visitor behavior.

Automatic Alternative Textr

This plugin expects to be mitigated by using Microsoft's Cognitive Services Computer Vision API to determine image content and automatically create sensitive alternative text.

Did you mean?

The widget displays the posts that most match the user (MIS) entered in your URL. It also adds functionality similar to Google AutoComplete to the WordPress search bar.

WordPress and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to spread into our lives. This is a rapidly evolving field of technology, and as we have seen above, has found its way into the realm of CMS website development.