The most efficient way to create a business website or blog is with Content Management System (CMS). Joomla is an open-supply CMS that enables you to build the same. It is one of the most downloaded and popular CMSs across the globe. But it is not the ultimate answer to the question, ‘why you should use Joomla for your website’. Therefore, let us take a glance at the benefits of Joomla CMS and find out the reasons to use it.

CMSMajor benefits of Joomla CMSSelf-hosted CMS

Joomla, being a self-hosted CMS implies that it is open-source software that can be easily downloaded and used on any server. It helps you to be versatile in creating any form of website or blog you need. That's why Joomla is being used by different industries and organizations including non-profits, entrepreneurs, freelancers, media, corporations, and more in website development

User-Friendly Dashboard

CMS systems itself appear to be quite user-friendly. Even then, Joomla takes it one step further in terms of easy start. You don’t have to waste weeks on videos. The design of the dashboard is clear and easy, thus you can start the process fast and make changes easily if you want. However, if you're not sure how a specific setting will work, professional web design services are there to help you out.

Free version 

Free is not a good reason to choose technology over the other. But when you get the best technologies and features with the free version, it is quite a good reason to take a chance. Although Joomla provides add on features on a fee, it has a free version that offers so much!

Various Features 

There is extraordinary value deriving from using Joomla due to the number of tools and features that you get. There are various tabs loaded with features including the Articles tab where all of your published content can be found. You can get more features through the extensions available.

Powerful Tools

Joomla offers superior qualitative and optimized content production tools. For instance, this CMS solution features a top-performing editor tool and several other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options incorporated. Thus, it will be useful for perfect professional website development.


Joomla lets you configure a lot of settings like the SEO of your website. You can allow CAPTCHAs, customize the cache settings, and use different languages are a few of the available configuration options. There's also a list of themes to distinguish the website or blog visual feel.


You want your website to load quickly so that you don't miss visitors. Joomla also provides some of the best features that have enhanced the efficiency of company websites include caching and GZIP compression.


You will never want to put the details of your clients at risk hence protection is a priority. Joomla is known to be one of the most secure CMS platforms. Daily checks, patches, and updates on vulnerabilities provide peace of mind.

A Vast User Community 

The vast user community includes thousands of users, developers, and designers. It offers great resources, including a frequently updated website. This will surpass Joomla's comprehensive help guides and tech support.

Great for eCommerce

While Joomla works well for all types of businesses, it's ideal for an eCommerce business. Not many CMS platforms are CMS-friendly for eCommerce, but Joomla has many features and tools designed for e-commerce applications.

It is evident that there are several reasons for using Joomla, and any company will benefit from the energy of Joomla CMS. It benefits both small and big organizations without fail. But while you do it by yourself, you may lose time, energy, and focus. Therefore you can outsource your need to a perfect partner. Allianze Technologies is an offshore web development company that has significant experience and expertness. We can build customized websites and blogs to bring out the best. To know more about our professional website development and other services, drop a mail at