A dedicated host means that the website is the only website hosted on the server with the required bandwidth and disk space. In Shared hosting, the server hosts multiple websites and there is a limitation for disk space and bandwidth. With eCommerce booming in today’s world, the need for internet marketing has risen to a higher level. To market and improvise the standard of your company, the firm must ensure that they have opted for efficient Web Hosting Services that are truly going to change the face of their marketing strategies. Online marketing give a new and improvised outlook for the business. Before a company decides on what kind of server they require for expanding the business globally, the following points need to be considered:

Company requirements

If the company is small and requires a plain website then a shared service would be apt. When the company grows they will have more features to be added in the website and hence, a dedicated hosting service would be an ideal choice. Web hosting services India suggests that SMEs initially go for a shared hosting service and then gradually, as the requirements increase, they can always move on to a dedicated hosting service.

Disk space and Bandwidth constraints

When using a Shared Server, the bandwidth and disk space usage limits cannot be surpassed. The website will be hosted with a limited amount of bandwidth and disk space provided. If the company requires a wider bandwidth and space, then they need to pay more. Offshore web hosting services suggest that SMEs can initially opt for the shared service unless they plan to boost the traffic from the beginning. In that case, the limited bandwidth can be a problem and hence, they should opt the dedicated hosting service.

Cost Constraint

For using a dedicated server, the company has to pay a fixed amount to the hosting company. In the case of a Shared server, if the user exceeds the limit, they can pay more and continue the services. At times, the bandwidth usage cannot be predicted and hence, the cost cannot be determined in advance. Shared hosting will be more affordable as the resources are shared among multiple businesses.

Expert Technical assistance

Shared servers are usually provided by expert technicians and the company need not worry about the technical issues caused. In dedicated servers, the company has to invest in the expert technical groups to maintain the Offshore Web Design.


A crucial aspect of using a shared service is that the security becomes a critical issue since multiple websites are hosted in the same server. There might be security breaches from the other websites which can be risky. With a dedicated server, only your data is hosted on to the site and hence, there is only limited risk.

Getting blacklisted

If one of the sites hosted on the shared server gets blocked due to unethical or illegal practices, all other websites also run the risk of getting blacklisted as they are all coming from the same server.

Performance and response time

Another major issue with limited bandwidth is that the website may perform poorly. With quick response time, the customers stay engaged; else the customer would get frustrated and quickly move ahead to a competitor’s site.

Control access

If there’s any technical glitch in the shared server, the business has to wait till the hosting company’s team resolves the issue. Even if the company has access to better experts, they cannot be employed as it is done by a 3rd party. With a dedicated server, the technicians and the experts are in the company and hence, the company has complete access anytime.

Before you decide on shared or dedicated hosting, you need to consider the above-mentioned aspects with regards to your business and then decide on the same.