AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages are essential if you want to increase your website traffic and for better SEO rank. With more mobile users accessing the website using their mobile browsers and app, AMP has become inevitable for all types of businesses that look forward to increasing their audience over the web and mobile platforms. Moreover, with AMP, your page may also be featured in Google’s Zero position. Considering its importance, any offshore web development company will offer to implement AMP in your website. With AMP, Amazon managed to load 0.1 second faster which resulted in an increase in the sale by $1.3 Billion in a year. Yahoo managed to increase its web traffic by 600+ million visitors per month with 0.4 second decrease in page load with AMP. These clearly show how AMP can change your page traffic and increase your sales drastically. Here are 10 facts why you should implement AMP in your website:

10 Facts about Why You should implement AMP in your Website

Better SEO Rank

One of the major advantages AMP implementation brings in for your website is that it ensures better SEO ranking. As the loading time is reduced, more users will be able to view your website and won’t be turned off waiting for the page to load.

Better User Experience

A great user experience requires all the elements on the website to load within a few seconds. When your web design solutions provider implements AMP in your website, this is achieved resulting in better UX.

Reduce Bounce Rate

When the user is happy with the loading time and US, they tend to spend more time exploring your website which reduces the bounce rate significantly. This again adds on to your SEO ranking brownies.

Leverage Analytics

Analytics is the backbone of all successful business decisions. AMP lets you leverage from Google analytics to understand how your target audiences respond to your website based on which you can better your user experience.

Get more noticed by Google

Google loves AMP! As we mentioned earlier, for various reasons, Google gives more brownie points to SEO rank for websites that have implemented AMP. So, make sure that your mobile website development implements AMP. If Google loves your website, it will be more visible to your target audience.

More WordPress Friendly

AMP implementation makes your website more WordPress friendly. WordPress is one the most popular content management platform used by businesses world over to reach out globally. Being more WordPress friendly makes your website more accessible to diverse audience globally.

Monetize Website

With better visibility, you can monetize your website more profitably. AMP attracts more web traffic which helps you earn more from your website.

Better Server Performance

AMP implemented websites perform better than other websites. With better server performance the overall user experience gets better which attracts more web traffic.

Better Mobile Ranking

AMP makes good your mobile SEO too. Better mobile ranking works wonders for your digital marketing services which makes your website more visible on Search Engine Result Pages on the mobile. As the web traffic is more directed from mobile searches these days, this helps gain better global visibility.

Curb Competition

With every other business going online with their own websites and compelling content, there’s way too much competition online. AMP is a great way to curb online competition for the benefits offered.