Organic search engine positioning, usability, permission marketing or viral marketing are tools that have characterized digital marketing in the first half of this decade. These tools, although still necessary to compete on the Internet, have ceased to be sufficient. A competent offshore web development company today requires expanding the perspective and opening up to newer trends in which consumers acquire a much more active role. One such tool to measure it is Google Analytics which is powerful to measure your site traffic, new users, session and bounce rate. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know instant Google Analytics fixes that can give you more accurate reports and stats.

google analytics instant fixes

Use 3 views-Raw, Master and Test

To get the most out of analytics, use 3 types of Raw, Master and Test. Raw view is without any filters and settings. Master view is with all filters, settings and advance funnels. Test view is the one where you change settings according to your requirements. And although search engines continue to play a fundamental role in the generation of qualified traffic, we must learn to manage a greater variety of actors, scenarios and networks. You can take help from digital marketing company to get it done.

Use lowercase filter

Use lowercase to get analysis of all the traffic coming to your website. 1. Go to admin panel of your GA account 2. Add filters with the name ‘Force URL to lowercase’ 3. Choose ‘custom’ filter type 4. Go for Lowercase option 5. Filter Field: Request URI 6. Click on Save

Block your IP address

It is crucial to block your own IP address to get accurate data. You can check your IP address by typing What is my IP in google. You can also take the help of outsourcing SEO services to get all these fixes done for you. Traditional digital marketing, if you can qualify as traditional to what has happened in the last ten years, has been incorporating tactics and tools to meet a single strategy: attract enough quality traffic to the web portals and be able to convert this traffic in some kind of benefit for the company. In this simple scheme are included most of the tactics that companies have put into practice in recent years to obtain a return on investment from their presence on the Internet.

Get rid of your domain from self-referral

You must get rid of your domain from self-referral so that you don't show up in your traffic analysis. You can do so by following steps: 1. Go to the Admin panel 2. Select Tracking Info 3. Choose Referral Exclusion List From the list 4. Click on Add Referral Exclusion 5. Enter your domain address 6. Click Create

A website with good usability and a careful design facilitated the transit of visitors through our website and increased the possibilities of conversion, whether it was getting a contact, a purchase or a collaboration.

Remove bot traffic

Remove bot traffic from GA analysis to get precise data and improve GA trackability.