The internet and World Wide Web has become an online repository for anything under the sun. It is a global shopping market, educational hub, entertainment channel, banking channel, a medium to transfer information and communication. This calls for high levels of security as with the advancing technologies, hacking has also become increasingly common. There are more online frauds and phishing committed online these days than bank robberies. That’s because a majority of the population is dependent upon the websites and the internet for most critical monetary transactions. The increasing online frauds have prompted Google to make SSL Certifications mandatory for websites. Since Google ranking is a major influencer for the popularity of websites, Google has decided to penalize non-SSL websites in 2018. Here is some information regarding the same that you ought to know:

What is SSL Certificate & why do you need it?

SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer which helps to establish a secured link between the browser and the website. This ensures that the data transmitted between the user and the server is integral and private. It creates a cryptographic key to secure the data transfer. The SSL certificate consists of the name of the certificate holder, certificate serial number and expiry date, copy of the public key of the certificate holder, and the digital signature of the certificate issuing authority.

You can get your Website Development partner to make your website SSL Certified to gain from the following advantages:♦ Data Encryption – Encrypts all the messages passed between the website and the browsers. ♦ Cybersecurity – All data is secured when your website becomes SSL Certified. This is done with the help of the encryption. ♦ Trustworthy Website – When your website is SSL Certified, it ensures the users that your website is secured. If your website has online payment facilities, SSL Certificate will assure your users of the safety of such transactions.

No SSL Certificate will be considered a red flag

If yours is a website that requires some text input, you will need the SSL certificate without fail to continue to be ranked on Google. This means that, if you have an existing website, you need to get someone to get the security updates installed and get the SSL certificate. Since their ranking is vital to the website’s popularity in the World Wide Web, Google announced that only secured websites can be ranked by them. This is a way of assuring that Google’s recommendations are safe and secure.

Migrate to HTTPS

In case your website is not yet secured, you can migrate from HTTP to HTTPS which is the SSL Certified version. The migration from an unsecured to secure HTTPS website can be quite meticulous depending upon the size of the website and the links involved. It is hence best to outsource SSL migration to competent and reliable outsourcing partner. They will have the right resources who can offer you efficient and reliable HTTPS migration services which will make your website more trustworthy. Moreover, since Google has made it mandatory for ranking, it is a worthy investment to gain better online visibility.

Creating the Website Revolution

Acquire the SSL certificate to make your website distinct in terms of security. It’s time to restore your website with the latest trends of 2018. Google is taking stern actions against websites which aren’t secure to date.

If you are looking forward to diverting the challenges faced during the web traffic, you are advised to get hold of the SSL certificate for Google right away. Though you might need to input a good amount of time to work on all the links, you will ultimately gain a fully secured HTTPS website within a short duration.

Give a sensational thrill to your customers as they witness the lock symbol on your website. This ensures 100% confidentiality of your documents and will prevent your users from the identity theft. Why are you wasting your time? Get the SSL certificate right now.