The alternative of offshore outsource app development is highly beneficial to cut down project duration and its huge costs. Considering the seasoned and diverse expertise of an outsourcing software development company will enhance technological competence with access to high-tier specialists, and much more.

The cost aspects of outsource mobile app development cover several or all stages of production and deployment, including testing. It will help clients to meet all their business requirements to achieve their organizational requirements, effortlessly without losing the product quality.

Outsource App Development

The viable solutions and assistance offered in application development outsourcing will reduce the client’s hassles as well. Mobile apps are capable enough to offer sophistication through simpler workflows. Before knowing the cost details of outsource app development, have a look at the benefits offered by the same from a reliable partner.

  • Application development outsourcing team that is proficient and flexible with a broad spectrum of skillset and up-to-date knowledge. Also, efficient managerial supervision will make sure projects are perfectly executed.
  • The technology stack of outsource mobile app development companies are highly diverse and state-of-the-art, responsible for rendering impressive results and support.
  • Generally reasonably-priced, it considerably saves the client’s time and fits within their budget. Their huge talent pool ensures faster progress for projects as well.
  • The time zone advantage applies to ensure round-the-clock workflows with a possible overnight fix on requirements.

So what is the cost of outsource mobile app development?

The thing with application development outsourcing is that it has to align with your budget concerns and should be viable. There are certainly other factors that it depends on as well namely - the hourly rate can of a developer which in turn, depends on the type of app being developed, its features that need to be incorporated, the complexity of the project, etc.

It is also a variable according to the country the service provider is positioned. It can range from a starting hourly rate of USD 20 to well over 170 and will be dependent on the seniority of the developer. The other hourly price range will be from USD 50-200. Fluctuations can happen anytime in the development and might require additional hours as well which is also payable. So it is crucial to plan the project budget accordingly.

The Cost in the Current Timeline

The more the number of app functionalities, the development, production, and deployment phase will be several as well (testing included), requiring cost changes. The team effort is also not to be taken lightly as well especially when considering the skillset of the developers and the number of personnel involved in the project. The following prices are based on the complexity of apps and are a general figure:

  • Simple apps USD 5000-10,000
  • Social media app - above USD 100,000
  • Complex apps – up to USD 1,000,000

Although the above prices are based on Western countries, there is certainly a lower pricing factor when it comes to offshore outsource app development. This is one good reason why companies are considering the alternative of offshore software development companies.