Website engagement is an indicator that shows the success of a website. Ecommerce websites are facing high competition and if they succeed in attracting decent traffic, then also they need to engage the audience and tempt them to purchase or subscribe. Engaging users is an important step of conversion where it is important to convince them to take the next step. Normally, if they leave the website in a shorter time period it could impact the business in a negative manner. Below are 10 proven ways used by an offshore web development company to increase audience engagement on an ecommerce website.

audience engagement ecommerce website

Reduce Loading Time

A website looks interesting if the user can open all the links in a very short time as it's frustrating to wait for a page to load. Customers generally exit the website if the pages take time in loading. This creates a problem for website user management. A knowledgeable outsourcing partner can use tools to conduct a page speed test and if it doesn’t load in two seconds then it can take the steps to improve the speed.

Website linking structure

The website content should have a good linking structure which will make the users navigate the site easily. This will help in generating more page views and hence is essential for website engagement. Proper texts to be used for linking all the related content on the website.

Display related content

This tip is like the one above. The ecommerce website development team should always display the relevant posts at the end of the page. This makes it easier for the consumer to search for related stuff. The process can be reduced by using plug-ins on the webpage.


A lot of ecommerce websites are difficult to navigate and hence result in a high bounce rate with poor website engagement. One should simplify the navigation part for the users to find the page without much effort. So, one should be careful that the navigation is easy and doesn’t confuse the users.

Writing style

The writing style used can play a major role in user engagement. Something which works for a set of people might with another. Broadly there are two styles one is friendly and the other one is a formal tone. The websites mainly use the former style but it’s good for business websites. Choosing a more friendly tone works for ecommerce but at the same time should be trustworthy too.

Website design

Today maximum people use their phones to access the internet so it is very important to create websites that can engage both the desktop and mobile users. As it becomes difficult to navigate a desktop website on the phone. The digital marketing services should focus on the elements which are good on desktop and mobile at the same keeping everything simple to use.

Target Audience

Find your target audience and create content focusing on their preferences. Work on the feedback and ask them questions about their liking. Basis which one can figure out where the website is lacking and how it can be improved.

Search box easy to find

Some consumers visit the website for a specific item and if they get confused and are not able to find it then it’s a loss for the ecommerce business. So, customers need to be engaged by making the search easier. A prominent search box needs to be present which can be easily located.

Email address collection

Website user engagement is not only about engaging but it is also about bringing back the customers. This can be done by collecting the customer’s email address and then sending them the updates.

Hold contests or giveaways

Keep some contest to attract the customer and create giveaways with it in the form of rewards.

In professional website development, audience engagement is an important performance parameter. One should check which tip works best for the website design and focus on making the website more interactive with increased engagement.