Search Engine Optimization has become essential for all businesses to reach maximum online visibility. Every website strives for the top SEO and SERP ranks which increases its local and global visibility and also acts as a lead magnet. Businesses can maintain an in-house team exclusively for SEO or outsource SEO services. Google and other search engines keep changing their ranking policies frequently to keep check on spammers and hackers. This along with the rapidly changing web trends call for frequent updation of SEO tactics also. Since the online medium is the most susceptible to frequent market changes, keeping track of it and devising novel changes to retain and better the SEO rank becomes a meticulous task. Frequent SEO audits are essential to maintain good SEO rank for your website. Here are 12 reasons why you need an SEO audit:

12 Reasons Why Your Website Need an SEO Audit

Keep up-to-date with the changing Google policies

As we mentioned earlier, Google and other search engines keep updating their SEO ranking policies. To keep a check on the changing policies and to make sure that your website implements the latest white-hat SEO policies, you need periodic SEO Audit.

Identify and resolve any technical issues

The SEO Audit can help you to identify any technical issues such as loading issues, backlinking, redirect errors, page not found error etc. and quickly resolve it before it effects your reputation and rank.


Keep changing the SEO tactics

An accomplished offshore web development company will also keep changing the SEO tactics to remain relevant and better than your competitors. They will try to bring in a unique element periodically to attract and retain organic leads.

Better Conversion Rates

The website ultimately aims to be a lead magnet and boost conversion rates. Frequent SEO audits will ensure that it serves the purpose without fail.

Newer sources of Revenue

SEO Audits will help you identify what actually works for your website. The SEO performance can be measured in actuals and this can help you identify newer sources of revenue.


Know what your competitors are up to

It is important to know what your competitors are up to and stay at par or above them to sustain in a highly competitive global market. You can upgrade your web design solutions to make your website more appealing to remain in competition.

Better than PPC

PPC is expensive. Instead, better SEO can bring in richer leads and more conversions. Frequent SEO Audits will help you identify the current opportunities on the World Wide Web and gain an edge.

Improve web traffic

SEO is aimed at improving your web traffic. SEO audits help you identify how far your website serves this purpose. You can quickly identify the shortfalls and take corrective actions.

External Audit for better Efficiency

Whether you have engaged an in-house team for SEO or outsourced it, an external audit once in a while helps to gain a different perspective altogether. This will help your business immensely.

Resolve on-page issues

As the trends and tactics change, your website may need some on-page updates often. With responsive web development outsourced, you can attract more users on the go.

Keep the website content updated

SEO rank gets better with fresh and relevant content. It is hence important to keep your website content updated frequently. SEO audits reveal whether it is time for a content revamp.


Checking Effectiveness

Finally, how effective have your SEO tactics been is a question every business asks the SEO team, whether in-house or outsourced. SEO Audits answer this question with all required metrics.