For any website, security is of prime importance and SSL certificates tell you how secure the website is. SSL is Secured Socket Layer and it is responsible for securing your online money transactions, logins, social networking information and all types of data transfer. The SSL certificate typically consists of the identity of the company, its location, the domain / server / host name. Companies that provide Web Development Services are also to provide the required SSL certifications for the website they develop. If you run an e-commerce portal or a blog portal, you have to make sure that your website is rightly certified by the right authorities. While you can always do it directly, hiring an outsourcing firm makes the process smoother and more effective.

Here are the various types of SSL Certificates you need to watch out for:

Validation Levels

The SSL Certificates can be categorized based on the validation levels such as:

Organization Validation

This is a minimum validation required for e-commerce portals. Though it is considered better than Domain Validation, an Extended Validation is considered a good standard for portals.

Domain Validation

Domain Validation (DV) is something basic and is not considered a high-value certificate. Instead, when dealing with blogs or other content which does not require security of prime importance, the Web Design Company goes for Domain Validation. Blogs usually need DV only.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation is a must for websites where some sort of data or money transactions happens. EV offers the famous green HTTPS address. This has become a minimal norm for all types of secured portals.

Security Levels

The Web Development Companies in India also takes SSL certificates for the websites based on the security levels they provide.

Single Name SSL

This is when only a single hostname is secured.

Multi-domain SSL

This ensures safety for all pages and sub-domains within the domain. This means that if you have multiple websites and many pages in it, a multi-domain certificate will make all of them secure.

Wildcard SSL

Wildcard SSL is a certificate provided for multiple pages on the same domain. Typically, Offshore Web Design companies recommend a Wildcard SSL certificate for companies having multiple domains and multiple pages for each domain.


Unified Communications Certificate

This is meant for taking SSL certification for 100 websites at a time.

You can apply for SSL Certification from security domains such as Digicert, CheapSSLSecurity, GeoTrust and Trustwave. SSL Certificates ensure data and transaction security for the clients. They also ensure that the website is trustworthy and will not stead the user’s private information from the browser to sell it to the outsiders. Each type of certificate requires a different process and complexity. You can get the simplest certificate within 2 to 4 days of application. The certification company verifies and validates the company who seeks validation for their website or domain. These certificates make a website trustworthy by adding the much-needed security layer to it thereby making the entire site or page secure.