Studies Suggests That Developers Are Preferring Android Over iOS

During the past couple of years, Android has developed tremendously and has successfully attracted a large number of customers. As per a report published by Android Pit, a study conducted by Vision Mobile, states, “During the third quarter of 2016, developers began to invest much more in Android than in iOS”.

With the latest advancements, Android has become the first choice for the professional developers and it has been noted that there has been a huge shift in the change of taste of people from iOS to Android. Especially in the Eastern parts of the world, Android development has taken over iOS. But in the Western parts, both Android and iOS enjoy a similar kind of acceptance by the customers.

According to Mark Wilcox, Business Analyst at Vision Mobile said that they entered 2016 with Android slightly ahead. Nearly 47% of the mobile developers, today, prefer Android as a priority whereas the preference for iOS has gone down to 31%.

Android seems to be matured and easier to develop for UI scaling whereas iOS has become much more complicated due to the inception of split screen features. Previously, iOS maintained the fixed resolutions and the higher quality API’s for the UI development. But, with the launch of iPhone 6 and iPads, Apple has compelled the iOS developers down an expansible UI path.

Google has turned down Apple in other areas such as the app design. Though both are kind of similar, customers prefer the material design guidelines provided by Google rather than the cool and calm approach of Apple.

According to Developer, Wilcox adds that users of iOS spend more time on real-world goods and services through each device when compared to Android users. But with extensive success, once again, Android emerged out to be victorious.