Businesses often try to engage with the right audiences to keep their web traffic optimal. They adopt many online marketing techniques including search engine optimization and social media marketing to bring in better web traffic. But despite these efforts, sometimes, the web traffic drops drastically due to various factors. The web hosting solutions provider will often face some of the following hurdles in driving good traffic to your website. Here we showcase some of these hurdles and some effective solutions:

Things to check if your website traffic suddenly drops

Google Algorithm

The search engines keep changing their algorithms often and randomly to ensure white that only genuine websites are ranked better. It is quite challenging to keep up with the changing search engine algorithms and to crack the code to reach and remain in the top SERP ranking. A competent responsive web design services provider will keep your website up-to-date with the changing Google algorithms.

Old Content

Google and other search engines will always look for fresh content. If your competitor is proving fresher content more frequently, their website will gain better rank than yours. Fresh content will offer better leverage. If it is contextual, it gains a better rank.

Only Organic Doesn’t Always Help!

Websites need a mix of organic and paid marketing solutions to drive useful traffic to their websites. Relying only on organic traffic may not always help. Paid advertisements such as Facebook and LinkedIn promotions and Google AdWords will often offer better traffic.

Don’t Stuff Keywords!

Keyword stuffing is a big no when it comes to white hat SEO. Google will not rank sites with keyword stuffing. A competent offshore web development company will offer proper white hat SEO that will help to boost your website rank and thus your web traffic.

Spams Can Be Suicidal!

Spamming other websites and social media will result in Google imposing penalty on your website. After the initial warnings, your website may be permanently removed from Google listing which is a common reason for a sudden drop in web traffic. Make sure that your SEO provider uses only white hat techniques which will ensure better SEO and SERP ranks for your website.

Mobile SEO & Social Media Optimization

An accomplished and competent search engine optimization company will make sure that mobile SEO and social media optimization are done for the website without fail. These go a long way in engaging more mobile and social media users. Mobiles and social media being the most effective lead magnets, these two are important aspects that affect your web traffic.

Not Responsive

Websites these days need to be responsive to engage more users. It is proven that more users access information through mobiles than desktops. In fact, desktops have almost become obsolete and mobiles are fast replacing laptops and notepads. Responsiveness is also a vital factor which is considered in SEO and SERP ranking for a website.

Duplicate Content

Plagiarism adversely affects your website rank and traffic. You have to keep checking for duplicate content periodically and change it regularly to keep the ranking and traffic healthy.

Checking and taking corrective measures for these aspects on your website will help to improve your web traffic significantly within a short time frame.