Your web design is your brand’s online identity. SEO helps brands to gain better visibility among the millions of websites that are competing with yours. SEO plays an important role from the design phase of the website. A competent offshore web development company will take care of the design aspects of the business website to make sure that it complies with the latest SEO trends. From being responsive to ensuring ample content on the website, the following SEO elements have to be considered in the website design:

web design tips


The website navigation is a critical factor that keeps the users hooked on to your website. People who visit the website should be able to navigate and find what they are looking for from your website. Easy and effective navigation helps improve SEO rank.

Content Clarity

The content on your website should be clear and convey the intended message to the intended audience. Make sure that your web content is unambiguous and relevant.

Content Quality

Web content makes a huge impact not only on the target audience. It also acts as a lead magnet and showcase your company’s values, services and future plans. Along with providing stunning web design solutions, the outsourcing companies should also ensure quality content that adheres to the latest SEO standards.


People access information on the go. A majority of the people use their smart phones to access information. Since the smartphones these days come in different sizes, it is important for the websites to be able to adapt to the various smaller devices popularly used by the public. Responsive websites adapt themselves to the screen size of the user device. Hence, SEO ranking considers responsiveness as a critical requirement for good ranking.

Ample Content

Even though people don’t have time to read through your website, too little content may also turnout to be disastrous for your SEO ranking. A page should have at least 300 words of relevant and engaging content to capture the attention of search engines.

H1s and Metadata

Apart from the keywords and content, the website should adapt on-page SEO in the form of H1 tags and Metadata. Experienced SEO firms will confirm that having the SEO tags in place is one of the critical SEO tips.

Call to Action

A website, no matter how much ever informative, it should have a call to action urging the user to take an action. Whether it is to persuade the customer to subscribe to the newsletter or to fill up a form or even to move to the next page, the Call to Action is a must.

Website Loading Speed

The loading speed is another critical aspect of SEO rank. People tend to spend roughly 8 to 10 seconds waiting for the website to load. Anything more than that would result in losing their interest and also the SEO rank.

Navigating Outside the Website

Ideally, you should limit or not allow the user to navigate outside of your website. If your website contains external links, it is more likely that the user is distracted and never comes back to your website

Secure Website

Just as responsiveness is critical for its SEO rank, security is also as important in responsive website development for better ranking sites. Only secured websites rank well on popular search engines.