To make your business to the next level, successful e-commerce websites are essential. Through an e-commerce site, one could sell their products and get profits. Thus, here we come up with five design practices that are necessary for a successful e-commerce website.

E-Commerce Website 1. Better Navigation

When the user enters a site, he must receive what he expects. Any failure in it would result in a bad experience. Thus, the navigation and structural design of the website plays a major role in making a good user experience. The e-commerce web design must be in such a way that users are not confused to get their service. The product and search bars must follow the exact pattern. Usability and visibility must be in the right proportion to provide a better user experience through navigation. The right arrangement of products attract more users to the website.

2. Color Scheme and Typography

Always try to make use of a unique color scheme for the website. This is essential because it can improve the brand value. By proper selection of color, it is meant to satisfy the behavioral and emotional aspects of the users.

Some color tips are addressed below:

  • For an e-commerce website that sells maternity and baby materials, make use of pink, blue colors. These colors are the symbol of peace and calmness.
  • Never overuse the colors for the category pages.
  • To highlight some areas where more attention is required , use bright colors.

While fixing the typography in your website,

  • Make use of standard font sizes.
  • Always differentiate the title and body content.
3. Time for Loading

For an e-commerce website, loading time must be fast. It is because a slow loading time would result the users getting away from the site and leading to a loss for your business. This situation could be sorted out by a web hosting service. Even though it costs higher, it would help from the slow loading time.

Images in the site have a major connection with the loading time. One could suggest picture reduction to improve the page speed. But, on e-commerce sites, this suggestion is not possible. So, the criteria is to compress the size of the image as the customers get satisfied with a minimum of three images of the product. The use of WP Smush, an image optimizing tool is good for WordPress sites.

4. Mobile Friendliness

How well your e-commerce website would be, if it is not made mobile-friendly, then you are losing the major part of the audience. Today people are more stick to mobiles. They surf the sites through mobiles for getting all the necessary information.

According to the 2019 mobile phone statistics, a 62% increase in sales occurred while moving to a responsive design. 48% didn't respond to the business deal when the website was not responsive. About 60% of the Internet accessed sites through mobile phones and 90% made shopping through mobile phones.

Thus a mobile-friendly design is essential where the needs and priorities of the customer are to be met. When the customer needs are met, they would become the frequent visitor of the site.

5. CTA Buttons

In an e-commerce web development process, CTA buttons play a major role. Without proper CTA buttons, it can cause trouble for the business. In websites, Add to Cart, Buy Now are CTA buttons where the user reaches upon at his end towards purchase.

Here are some CTA tips to be followed in websites:

  • Make it clear as possible.
  • Per page add a single CTA. Multiple CTAs could lead to problems of clumsiness and the user might move away from the site.
  • Provide more white space around the CTA.

To provide a great user experience to customers, proper e-commerce web design is essential. To make the users stay on the website and to provide them a better shopping experience even the minute aspects of the site must be checked out.

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