Personalization has become the latest online success mantra. E-commerce websites and online service providers need to personalize the content to keep the customers engaged and keep them coming back. They do it by including many elements in the website that attract the customers including engaging content and plug-ins that store customer’s preferences and the browser cookies that capture valuable user information. Customer preferences can be captured only after they have visited the site more than a couple of times. So the key is to include design elements that will help you personalize the information for every individual customer visiting your website regularly. Here are 5 amazing tips to do just that and to keep your happy customers coming back to visit your site for more purchases:

User Profile and Login

The easiest way to personalize is to get the user to create a Login/profile and get them to choose their preferences. Many websites ask the first-time users to create their user profiles before they start browsing through the website to know what they offer. The web development services can use this information and save it so that next time when the user logs in, the saved preferences including the product details are loaded which will make browsing through the product catalog easier for the user. Further, based on the previous choices of purchase and browsing, more personalized recommendations can be offered which will keep the user engaged.

Use Cookies and Cache

Cookies are a great way to get user information for personalization. The browser cache also has ample information regarding the user. When you outsource web development services to India, the designers can use this information available in the cookies and cache to personalize the elements on the site. This includes their preferred categories of product or content in general, their preferred range of price, payment gateway etc. You can also capture interesting facts such as the preferred days and time of purchases and accordingly, increase the recommendations during those times.


Mobile Apps for Personalized Experience

Mobile apps are a great way to get user information. Companies that offer iOS development services always make sure that the valuable user information available in the phone is accessible by the native app. This is a great way to use customer information for personalization that increases customer engagement.

Referral Source & Demographics

If you know from where the customer came from your website, you can access valuable information regarding that customer from the source. More than often, social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are used to generate leads. Usually, the source is encoded in the web request which the offshore web design and development team utilize to personalize the content. Social media behaviors can be easily captured using these elements which provide very valuable information. Demographics can also influence the user’s purchase behavior. Seasonal content based on location will also work wonders on the customer.

Profile Privacy

Last but not the least, the website should be well-secured. If the user finds that his/her profile privacy is breached or compromised, they will never come back to the website. The design elements should never compromise the user’s private information shared with your website.

When your website incorporates such relevant design elements, all your customers would love your website. They would feel that the site has been created especially for them.