“An image is worth a thousand words” is a popular saying and when it comes to e-commerce portals, product images are crucial to conversions. Just like text information, images also need editing and corrections to make them look more attractive, sharp and of top quality. When you are displaying your product images, they have to look picture perfect and it requires some image editing. But manipulating or editing the images is not a simple job. It requires advanced software and experienced experts who can handle the images well and produce high-quality outputs. One option to achieve this is to outsource image editing services to a competent partner. Image editing is not like data entry as a lot of creativity and technique has to be combined to produce quality images that attract customers. Here are some simple ways to enhance your Product images:

1)  Use High-Resolution Images

When you have high-resolution images, they will not get blurred when zoomed in. Most of the online customers zoom in the product pictures to get a closer look and also to make sure they are not defective. High-resolution images are the best to use when you want to edit them and still maintain the web-quality for images.

2)  Contrast and Color Enhancement

These are the most commonly outsourced image retouching services for product images and web images. Photographs taken by the experts also have to be retouched for perfecting the color and contrast. This requires minute detailing work to be done on the images. An experienced outsourcing partner will use advanced technology to ensure product quality after editing.

3)  Background Editing

Even though most of the portals require the products to be saved with a white background for clarity, sometimes, the perfect contrast is attained with some background editing. When you employ image editing services India they will provide you the images with no background or some stunning background that will enhance your product. Background editing is one of the most outsourced image editing services.

4)  Right Size and Dimension

It is important to ensure that the images used are of the right size and dimension required by the website. The outsourcing partner will ensure that the image is of the size consistently across the website. This makes sure that customers remember your product.

5)  Use Multiple Angles

Since the customers solely depend upon these product images and description provided to decide upon purchasing them, it is desirable to add multiple images of the product from different angles. 3600 views of the product are very popular in e-commerce portals. You can outsource photo editing India to a competent firm that produces such views using advanced photography techniques and software.

6)  Images of Product Being Used

You can attract more customers with images of the product being used. This will give a clearer picture of the product in terms of how it can be used and its main features.

7)  Layering and Typography

These are ways to enhance the product image to accentuate specific features and to make them more attractive to the customers. Layering is done when multiple images are laid over one another with multiple exposures. This is an amazing way to create a lasting visual impact. Typography is used to make the product look more attractive and to convey some short message.