Businesses with mobile app will know how important it is to keep the users engaged in the app. Mobile apps let businesses to interact seamlessly with individual users, to understand their requirements and concerns. There’s a lot of data exchange happening between the user and the app which offers valuable customer insights to the company. That’s why businesses that don’t even exist physically also have a mobile app. It is one of the top requirements from top mobile application development services. Mobile apps are a rich source of customer information. It is widely used by people of all ages and there’s a lot of information they give away to the business.When businesses decide to have a mobile app, they often benchmark success to maximum downloads. There’s no point in having 1 million downloads with hardly a few thousands actually using them. Only when people start using them, your business can gain from the app. Customer engagement over the app is what matters the most, much more than getting more downloads.

Here are 5 proven strategies to increase mobile app engagement:


Personalization is one of the major requirements in hybrid mobile app development. It offers better user engagement. Personalization of your mobile app can hold the users’ attention longer. Once they get the content and UI that suits their likes, they will be more interested in checking it out and then using them more often. When there’s better user engagement, it helps you collect more information which can be used to fine-tune the personalization and product or service quality.

Start with a Call To Action

Typically, the attention span of users is getting lower day by day. They are too busy with many things because of which they don’t have much time to spend on every app that come their way. So, the moment a user installs your mobile app, get them to register with your firm or prompt for additional information tactically. If you start with a CTA, you get the information to personalize your app and also to understand the user better. This keeps them more engaged.


Gamification of your app makes it more appealing to the user. In fact, it is one of the most trending ways to keep your user engaged. It makes using your app much simpler and fun which keeps the user enthusiastic about the various features you have to offer.

Customer Support

One of the major benefits customers are looking for from your mobile app is customer support. This not only keeps them using your app, but also keep them loyal to your brand. Make sure that your android application development offers an engaging customer support option too along with other engagement features.

Make Onboarding Simpler

Onboarding is a critical aspect of engaging with your users. It is important to collect their contact details and some personal information which you can use for personalization and recommendation. But make sure that the signup is kept with minimal input. Too many inputs can take the user away from your app. Keep the onboarding process very simple and display the progress to the user so that he/she knows that getting inside the app is just a couple of clicks away. If your custom mobile application development can persuade your user to sign up with their social media account, it will be the best.