Gone are the days when businesses preferred to create a site that is full of animations, videos, images and other random stuff to make it look beautiful and attractive. Since the number of users visiting a website from mobile is on the rise, minimalism in website design is gaining popularity. A competent offshore web development company also prefers minimalist web design because they understand the advantages clearly. Minimalism helps your website in terms of faster loading time and better device compatibility. Loading time is also one of the 200 ranking signals. It also impacts your users buying decisions. If it is taking more than 2 seconds to load any page on your website, your potential customer will abandon your website.

minimalist design

Amazing minimalist website designs combined with great usability are really impressive. An easily navigable, simple app is a very powerful form of communication. You’re making a big mistake if you speed up only the homepage and product pages of your eCommerce store. Unless you speed up and optimize your cart, checkout and thank you page, your job is not done. You can speed up your website by outsourcing professional website design which will offer a great user experience.

Remove All Unwanted Pages/Posts

WordPress adds some sample content in the form of a Page and a Post. You may also add in some sample content or demo pages while developing your website. Now is a great time to ensure that those pages and posts are removed before launch. You don’t want the Search Engines including your Lorem Ipsum filled pages in your sitemap!

Fewer Options

The fewer option makes sense and keeps the user’s focus on what matters for them and you too. You can consider kicking out non-mandatory information from your customers instead of adding an asterisk on mandatory fields. Designers want to say more by showing less. At the same time, responsive website design is the trick to get it right. It compels designers to say less is more. For those who want to give minimalism a try, make sure that you know some of the basic rules of thumb before beginning. Here are some tips for making minimalism work for you.

Device compatibility

More than half of your search traffic will be coming from mobile devices. Google also weighs heavily on the website’s mobile-friendliness in their algorithms. Your user interface needs to be compatible with different devices like desktop, mobile and tablets. You can check whether your site is mobile friendly by Mobile-friendly test tool offered by Google. You can double-check this manually by testing your website on a few devices, ask your friends to do it on their phones and tablets.

Some of the key points that you have to look out for includes site navigation, design/layout, and consistency. To make your website optimized for different devices, consider the following points:
  1. Make short menus
  2. Don’t make your users pinch to zoom again and again.
  3. Make automatically expandable product images.
  4. Make call-to-action visible

You can outsource user experience design services to get a website that offers amazing UX at the same is fast to load