iOS or Android Which Platform is Suitable for Business App DevelopmentWith technology getting updated every now and then, even businesses seek the help of technology to grow themselves to higher levels. Deciding which technology to depend on for marketing your business is an important decision which is crucial to its success. With more and more people depending on the internet, web development in India is gaining momentum fast.  To add flavor to the web-based business, the mobile apps are also gaining its momentum with more and more smartphones in the market. The mobile apps are a gateway to approach the user easily anywhere. Most companies depend on mobile app development India to get the software for their company marketing. In a way, these technologies are revamping the marketing methodologies. Now the greatest ever decision is for the platform that will help you bring in more and more potential customers. iOS and Android are widely used mobile platforms as compared to any other for business apps. Both are equally competitive and in demand. Apple iOS is mainly using C programming language, but apple provides its developers with the more enhanced tool that let them develop the application easily. In the case of Android, Java is used which is platform independent and robust. In both the cases, the developer must be the best you hire and well-versed with the technology he/she is working on. Choosing a scalable, platform-independent, back-end and front-end compatibility etc. must be taken care. androidAndroid is very much widely used by programmers as it is more easily deployed. The usability as well as the acceptability is more as compared to the iOS. Emulator performance is higher in the case of Android. Even version controlling is easier and compatible with all the API versions.  In the case of iOS, the maintenance cost is comparatively less. Android is most widely available and provides users with free versions as compared to the iOS wherein only a few applications are freely available. In Android, the agile development lets the business provider know the flaws and can improve the product using proper versions. Apple has come up with more appropriate platforms for helping the business enterprises, but it is not easy to follow up on the iOS platform. Android is more commonly favorable for small business enterprises as the software and the application platforms are available at one tap, whereas the iOS platforms are device dependent. appleYou may have noticed that the users are also different for different types of devices. While Android apps are more commonly used by the youngsters, the executives and high-level officials always prefer an iPhone. So if you target more youngsters you better concentrate on Android apps and if you are looking for the sophisticated customers, you better go for iPhone apps. While creating cross-platform apps will increase the reach of your app across a larger group of audience, you may consider the advantages of the native apps that can fetch you valuable user information. With the help of a responsive web design, robust applications can be developed that does not hinder the user experience based on the device being used. Responsive design adapts the pages to the device’s screen size which makes the mobile app more scalable across different platforms and devices. Mobile application development is now the easiest way to bring in and engage more genuine customers. Reaching the customer as well meeting their demands is easier with these mobile applications.