A stunning website is a must for businesses to survive the cutting throat competition prevailing in the market. But what makes a website a lead magnet? If you said outstanding design, you need to think again! What brings people to a website? Most of the people reach a website when they find it on the list offered by a search engine. It’s the content on the website that offers it good ranking in search engine result pages. Once people reach the website, then it’s the design, quality of content and its engagement levels that retain them longer, help convert and bring them back again. That’s why a good offshore web development company would focus more on ensuring the best content on their website with a content-first approach. Here’s how you can implement it for your business:

Content First Approach

Analyze the Requirements

The content writer has to first understand the business and its expectations from the website clearly. It is based on these that the content is written. The website content should clearly convey what the business wants to communicate with its target audience to make web design solutions more effective. This is possible only when the content not restricted by the design and is written first. The website content should address all the requirements of the business, clearly stating its purpose and benefits. The marketing and informative purposes should be clearly met with. If the website’s sole purpose is to collect user information, it should be captivating enough to retain the interest of the intended audience and also motivate them to provide the information expected.

Chart Out the Content Flow

The content flow for the website should be charted out based on the requirements. The website content should be equally captivating, informative and engaging. If these are achieved, half the battle is won! It can be achieved only when the flow and navigation are perfectly defined. The outline can be written first and then, taking ample references, the rest of the content can be built.

Write Considering the Target Audience

The effectiveness of the content depends upon the target audience. Unless the content uses the right tone to attract and engage the target audience, it will not be effective. Search engine optimization using high-volume and long-tail keywords also help significantly to reach out to the target audience. Content quality, length, tone and uniqueness all matter when it comes to ensuring content effectiveness.

If you can possibly design your website based on content first approach, It's always worth your time

Design based on Content

Once the content is finalized, the design should be built such that it enhances the content. The concept and design elements should highlight the content to engage the leads. The placement, style, CTA, images and other multimedia elements are equally important for responsive web design. Typically, when the content is strong and the design enhances it, the result is a highly converting website.

Visualize the Text Content

The designer can consider converting some of the text content into a visual version such as an image, infographic or a video. Images and multimedia content are proven ways that engage the leads that reach your website. A custom website design should always prioritize the content because, in the digital world, Content is King!