Web design plays an important role in attracting leads. But SEO plays a more vital role in attracting web traffic. The design and SEO elements must go together in the website to help attract traffic and leads. This can be possible if the design elements are SEO-friendly. Here are 11 proven SEO tips followed by a proficient offshore web development company for web designers:SEO Tips for Web Designers

Design is not only about the visuals

Professional responsive web design services providers will know that the web design is more than the visual appeal. There are technicalities involved such as loading speed, content, title, images, videos and more that determine the visual appeal of the website. So, make sure that your design considers all such elements.

Mind the typography and headings

Typography is one of the main visual elements that affects the design and SEO rank. The Title and headings are important for visual appeal as well as SEO. The typography should be easy to read and that displays well in small devices too. The title and headings should be attractive, yet not misleading.

Index the site

When companies offer web design solutions, they must index the site to make sure that the site us loaded instantly. Any website that takes more than 3-5 seconds to load is more likely to be not perused by the leads. Indexing helps to render the site faster during searches.

Mind the UI/UX flow

The UI/UX flow plays an important role in retaining the leads who visit your website. When people close the site immediately after loading, it is considered bad and marked negatively for SEO also. Decent navigation and UI/UX flow will help to retain the leads who reach your website.

Be minimalistic

Cluttered websites are not liked by potential leads and customers. Minimalistic designs are preferred by most people. When the design is minimalistic, the communication given in the website is clear and reaches directly to the customers. It will be more effective than one stuffed with too much content and images.

Mind the load-time

The load-time is a major factor that effects the SEO and web traffic. Your website’s load-time can be affected due to many factors such as memory, cluttering, too many heavy elements on the website or due to any technical glitches. The search engine optimization company will look into the load-time and make sure that it does not exceed more than 3-4 seconds.

Use keywords

Even though the keywords are not visually enhancing your website, including the keywords in some of the design elements such as the image alt property and video description, it will help increase your web traffic. The affordable SEO services providers will ensure the usage of proper keywords on the visual elements too.

Keep track of the Bounce Rate

When leads click on your website and leave it without navigating, the bounce-rate increases. Lead generation, though an important feature of websites, can help to bring your audience to your website. But only if the website’s UI/UX and navigations are correct, you will be able to achieve lesser bounce rates.

Usability of the site

While the visual appeal and SEO are important, the usability is also as important for the company to survive competition. Make sure that you design such that the website is easy to navigate and serves its purpose.

Use videos

Videos help to engage your customers longer, if they are unique and interesting. Short video clips are very popular in social media networks and are widely shared by the viewers. But make sure that your website videos are in optimal size or else they will increase your load-time.

Build responsive websites

Responsive websites not only increase the visual appeal, they also improve the SEO rank.