Every online business wants to give their visitors an awesome experience so that they can get converted into potential leads and customers. An offshore web development company can help you in achieving this and boosting your conversion rate. Simplicity is the basic requirements for effective UI design. In order to enhance your conversion, the user interface must be engaging, beautiful and easy to navigate. An appealing UI is the key to increase your overall conversion rate. Unattractive design, slow loading time and complex navigation are the 3 of the most common killers of all web-based conversion rates.

Here are 10 Common UI Design mistakes that turn your target audience away, increasing your website’s bounce rate:

UI Design Mistakes That Are Killing Conversion Rate

Random Layout

Visitors don’t love the creative mess. Cluttered UI design can be frustrating to users. When there are too many elements on a single web page, they can confuse the user, resulting in a delay of conversion.

Unresponsive Design

Responsive Web design makes your site flexible across all of your users’ screen resolutions and devices. Professional website design and development can help your websites that are both mobile and desktop friendly.

No Testimonials

Placing relevant testimonials and customer feedback on the website can help in increasing sales. Planning a website design without social proof in mind can prove to be a disaster.

Undefined Navigation

Once you’ve removed all the random elements, the remaining ones should be organized properly in terms of hierarchy and navigation. You can outsource professional responsive website development services so that you don’t kill your conversion rate.

Making the User Think

Do remember, your main aim is to convert the user as quickly as possible. If they are given sufficient time to rethink their decisions, then they might not convert. If they found any part of the experience difficult or confusing, they’ll simply bounce.

Uninviting Call-To-Actions

CTA is a very powerful tool of conversion and hence, optimizing it becomes very crucial.

Color: The color of the CTA should stand out from the background and grab a visitor's attention. Design: Keep the UI design simple and easy to navigate.

Fake and Generic Images

Images play a vital role in branding and marketing to get visitors’ attention. It helps in making website design relatable and creating a mood.

Too Much Text

Having too much text on the web page doesn't help with anything instead distracts users from taking action.

Slow Page Loading Speed

Around 40% of people leave a page if its layout is not appealing. More than 50% of users abandon a webpage it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Page loading speed also affects search engine rankings

Designing for Yourself

Don’t make the mistake of designing for yourself. It is a very common UI mistake. As a web designer, in the majority of the situations, you are expected to follow certain rules. If you avoid these 10 mistakes, then the conversion will definitely increase and improve.

Let your creative juices flow freely. Don’t forget you are designing for your customers, not for yourself. You can outsource services for user experience design to get the best results.