5 Technology Trends to Watch in 2017

2016 would be one atrocious year for most of the businessmen due to the brutal elections and the death of a few popular celebrities associated with the tech world. But at the same time, it had certain technological related breakthroughs that have changed the lives of people in a positive way. Smarter technologies have found its roots in most of our houses today.

A lot of contemporary technologies have hit the classrooms and the educational institutes in 2016. Technology based education is creating a tsunami in the educational sector across the globe.

On the other hand, a few eminent business tech experts have predicted certain top trends that would shape the business innovations in 2017.

1) Cloud Computing

The success of huge data totally depends on its dependence to the new certainties of the cloud. Today, the big data is shifting from experiments to every classroom and educational centers. It is expected that in 2017, most of the educational institutes will jump into the cloud to save money for their schools and universities.

2) Mobile learning

We have seen an instant increase in the number of mobile users across the world, since the past few years. It is estimated that in 2017, mobile technology will have a great impact on the teachers and students’ community. Today, nearly 86% of the colleges have adopted the smartphone strategy. In this way, the education sector can achieve a more student- friendly approach.

3) Next Generation Security

Do you continuously forget your login passwords? Do you keep changing your password every two weeks, just because you forget them easily? The age of storing the passwords and its complications will soon be chased away. The Next Generation Security Systems are assimilating biometrics with communicative analytics and it can assist you in making bank accounts, government databases, health records and platforms that store numerous other information.

4) Niche apps

Today, most of the business firms revolves around apps. Every day, one or the other new app comes up in the technological market. Developers are putting in a lot of effort to create an open platform with a mix of accounting and tax software. It is estimated that in 2017, most of the apps will be focusing on certain niches. You just have to get subscribed to few different systems and get started with your core business.

5) Mobile Tools

The most awaiting trend to be watched out in 2017 is the rapid increase in mobile tools. As we all know about the existence of Apple Watch, which can be used to send information to a wearable device. Developers are trying to make small devices easier so that we can receive any information from anywhere and at any time. This will change the process of our working in a business environment. In 2017, we can expect the developers to create our life much easier.

Recent developments the in the field of technology have already increased the scope of the digital world. Now, let’s wait for some more interesting innovations in 2017.