In this era of rising technology advancements, it has been noted that web design trends keep on changing constantly. Websites are regarded to be the crucial asset of every organization and hence, it should be handled with greater efforts. To stay ahead of the competitors, organizations prefer to embrace the concept of professional website design companies.

Web Design

Outsourcing web design services are considered to be extremely affordable when compared to the hiring of in-house experts. The offshore web development companies focus on reinventing the existing designs and integrating new ideas.

2020 is believed to be the year that will bring about contemporary design modifications in the web design and development industry. Analysts believe that the web design trends, emerging in 2020 will be highly innovative and creative. Now, are you wondering what would be these upcoming web design trends be like?

In this article, we would be highlighting the 8 innovative web design trends that would gain prominence in 2020!

Dark Mode

The dark mode concept has emerged to be one of the exciting design trends that are largely used during responsive website development. It enables the web elements to stand out and maximizes the visually-appealing ability of the website. The dark mode incorporates a higher contrast ration with the involvement of diverse colors, thereby, generating a stunning web design. It is recommended that dark themes or mode work better for the OLED screens as it saves enormous power. The web and UI designers at the offshore web development company will help you to build captivating dark backgrounds, thereby, minimizing your eye strain. While using a website, users can select the option of dark mode and it will offer a greater user experience. The dark mode is one of the crucial web designs that will be prevalent during 2020. 


It is believed that the element of typography will be witnessing a huge innovative trend in 2020. The ‘text’ is a vital aspect of website design. The trends of typography to be looked out in 2020 include the following.

  • Outlined typography – It is an establishing trend wherein the designers will be experimenting on countless fonts to offer a unique appearance for your website. With the integration of the animation techniques, the outlined typography can be made visually interesting. 
  • Over-sized font – Over-sized fonts will be the hottest trends in 2020. It is said that the font size would be increased in the coming years, to facilitate the readability of the content. Most of the organizations would be incorporating the over-sized font strategy, especially on the homepage of their website. It can also speed up the user-navigation as users can easily jump from one page to another. 
  • Bold fonts – Using bold fonts can attract the attention of the users. But you should keep in mind to choose the right font design because even the slightest error can break or make your website. And here comes the need for the best responsive website company. The bold fonts can be used to highlight short phrases or important sub-headings. 
  • Maxi typography – Maxi typography can strengthen the elements of your web design. It could give a focal space to your website amid the users. But, while you use the maxi typography designs, one should ensure that 3D designs or gradients aren’t used. 

Minimal Navigation

In recent times, we have witnessed that navigation has been made convenient to be used on smaller devices such as smartwatches, etc. With the incorporation of minimal navigation, the concept of usability becomes easier and one can use the website with ease. Simultaneously, using high videos and images with minimum text can impress the users to a great extent. With the minimum use of the text, images will accomplish huge importance and will become the focus of your business. Navigation has the power to hold the website together. Once the users get immersed in the images and informative videos, they will require less time to move around the website. The minimal navigation strategy will enhance the scope of imagery and you will get the best opportunity to impress your potential customers. 

White Space

Presently, professional web designers are approaching various measures that will use white space effectively for rendering better stability and structure. The website design company will help you to instill a clear, structured, and precise framing for enhancing the overall appearance of your website. The neatly structured fundamentals on your website can help you to prioritize the various elements of a webpage. Using a lot of white space effectually can keep your website streamlined and well-organized.

3D Elements

2020 will be witnessing tremendous growth in the use of immersive 3D technology for boosting web design interaction. As there is a rise in technology, countless innovations are available for web designers. Below mentioned are the three kinds of 3D web designs that will turn out to be an integral part of website design and development

  • Static 3D Design – Using static 3D design will involve the mix of smoother shapes and realistic colors, thereby, keeping the other designs to be minimal. It will modify the overall appearance of your website and will provide a cleaner and precise look. 
  • Interactive 3D Effect – The interactive 3D effects have already cast a greater prominence on the gaming and healthcare industries. And 2020 will be the year where the interactive 3D technology will have a positive impact on the other verticals such as real estate, eCommerce, marketing, advertising, retail, and so on. 

AI and Voice Technology

The web design domain will be undergoing the impact of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and voice technologies. The practice of artificial intelligence is speeding up at a faster pace and the web designers can extract the maximum benefits from such techniques. The integration of AI in the web design process via chatbots can render the best assistance to the website visitors continuously. But, the chatbots need to be made robust so that it can lead the website visitors to their desired products and services. The next trend to be incorporated into the web design includes voice technology. The voice command will be emerging speedily within the web interfaces and will dominate the web design trend of 2020.

Color Schemes

The futuristic color scheme implementation will offer a glowing and striking appearance to your business website and this trend will rise incessantly during 2020. These bold color combinations will provide a luminous vide to your website. The rising trend would be to make the finest use of saturated, bold, and neon colors with a mix of blue or purple colors. This will help in creating a darker theme that would shine off better. Duotone web designs can make this trend more popular. These web designs can be more interesting and visually-appealing. The duotone and intriguing color scheme will enhance the web design trend in 2020. 


There is a prediction that micro-interactions would be one of the top website design trends of 2020. It can also be in the form of excellent UI animations. To cite an example, depending upon the visitor’s activity on a web page, an enticing and attractive animation can be placed into the typography or other web design elements. One of the best examples to be noticed is Facebook, wherein, they have maximized the utilization of shorter animations when you type out a certain phrase of a short word. It can help you to analyze the overall user-experience. In 2020, a majority of the websites will be utilizing the micro-interactions to make the web interface more interactive.

To Wrap Up!

CMS website development has received a huge demand amid the growing global business competition. But just the development phase won’t serve the purpose. Along with web development, the integration of the best and trending web designs also plays a crucial role. Website creation and management are of a wider significance for the successful survival of every business organization.

The web designers are constantly seeking innovative ideas to reinvent their existing designs. The year 2020 will be bringing about a great revolution in terms of web designs with a blend of stunning typography, easy navigation, 3D effects, AI procedure, eye-catching visuals, and much more. Allianze Technologies, the top-notch website design, and development company will render your business with the exquisite and extraordinary designs to add an additional brilliance. To get further details, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected]