More businesses are considering their own mobile apps to reach out to a wider audience and more than that to stay connected to their potential and existing customers. Mobile Apps are a great way to engage with the customers regularly and understand how they are using your app and the brand. This helps businesses also to gain vital knowledge about the customers and their usage of the app along with other apps they are using regularly. That’s the reason they outsource mobile app development services to competent IT organizations that can create robust and engaging mobile apps.

While the major requirements of the business are to create an impression, showcase their products and services, to engage with the customers and to gain insightful customer knowledge, the user experience part is usually forgotten. In fact, many major players tend to commit some basic UX mistakes which cost them their major chunk of existing customers and potential ones. Here are 9 such UX mistakes to avoid:

Neglecting UX in Design stage

UX has to be considered from the design stage of the Mobile App. There are many design elements that are critical to providing a great user experience and hence needed to be planned from the very beginning stages.

Overloaded with features

Too many features in a mobile app will make it heavy to load and navigate. Only the necessary features should be made available in the app. You can redirect the user to a website or another app for advanced features, making the primary app much lighter.

Overloaded with everything unnecessary

Too many elements such as text, images, graphics, frames, buttons, advertisements, banners, inputs, links, call to action etc in the app will only make it totally cluttered. When you outsource your app creation and deployment to mobile app development services India, they will make sure that only the most wanted elements are added to your app.

Not aligned to audience

The more your app talks about the brand, the more it’s likely to be rejected by the audience. To win over the potential and existing customers, your app should address the customers’ requirements and concerns. A customer-oriented approach to presenting your solutions will be more effective.

Too identical to your competitor

If you want to retain a brand identity, it is better to create and retain one instead of mimicking a competitor. Never go for a ready-made theme or design. Always insist on a custom design exclusively created for your brand.

Complicated UX

When the UX get complicated, the users find it way too challenging and may abandon it. Make sure that your offshore mobile app development services provider comes up with simple, yet attractive and efficient UX.

Ignoring Feedback

Customer feedbacks are to be taken seriously if you want to survive competition. If majority of your users find a particular feature difficult to use, it is time you change the feature to a simplified version. Otherwise it can become a major turnoff.

Ignoring Social Media Shares

Social media shares are very important for all businesses. When you let your customers share your app through social media, it increases your loyalty and trust. It is the best source of potential leads to your brand.

Compulsory Signing In

Do not insist on signing in to explore the app. Many customers find it uncomfortable sharing their email and contact numbers before understanding how your app can benefit them. Let them explore without signing in. Make sure that your UX created by Mob app development services offers premium features only after signing in.