Building up a good brand is no child’s play. It is a time-taking and effort-intensive process during which, businesses build up their brand legacy step by step. With the soaring popularity of digital channels and social media, brand building has become much simpler, more cost-effective, and measurable. Businesses typically approach an offshore web development company to create their website which is the first step towards building an online brand identity. These days, most of the marketing activities target the online media because it offers better visibility and is quantifiable. Here are 12 simple steps for building a successful brand using the digital media:

12 simple steps for a successful brand building process

Determine the Target Audience

Any branding activity starts by determining the target audience. Quite a lot depends upon the target audience. The communication, design and strategy should attract the audience. So, spend ample time to determine the target audience.

Core Branding

The core branding activities include building a brand personality, designing the logo, deriving the tagline and developing the elevator pitch. This is usually done by an agency that’s adept at the current branding trends.

The Website

Nowadays, a website is an essential tool to connect to the digital global market for every brand. Even the local brands seek online visibility by opting for responsive web development. Mobile and internet presence helps to boost the brand identity and visibility locally and globally.

Web Design

The design of your website is a critical factor that affects your branding process. It must resonate with your brand values and the logo you have designed. The colors and other elements of your logo must be used in the website’s design to sync with the brand.


Content is considered to be the King of digital world. Your website content must reflect the core values and principles and also showcase the legacy, products and services offered by the brand. Storytelling is largely explored by brands to engage, enrich and motivate leads and customers.


Search Engine Optimization is another inevitable process for websites. SEO boosts online visibility and brand credibility significantly. Google checks for SEO-friendly content without stuffing keywords unnecessarily.

Mobile App

Surveys reveal that more users are inclined towards mobile apps than normal websites these days. Hence, mobile app development for the brand is as important as the website.

Mobile SEO & Localization

As more users tend to search for information through their mobile, optimizing the content for mobile is also very important. In fact, Google has recently updated its algorithm to include mobile SEO as one of the major requirements for ranking. Localization is also important because Google search displays the location-tagged pages closest to the user’s location first. These improve the brand visibility.

Identify and Use the Right Digital Channels

Brand promotions should be planned using the right channels. So, the next step in branding is to identify and use the right digital channels for promotions.

Paid & Organic Promotions

Paid promotions are as much a part of digital marketing as getting organic reach. Brands can make use of Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and Influencers on various social media channels as identified by the experts.

Offline Promotions

Offline promotions are as important too, especially when your local market is much larger than the global one. Use a mix of local language print media, TVCs and OOH advertising methods to promote your brand offline.


Manage your Brand Reputation

Once the brand identity is developed, the business has to manage its reputation with the help of search engine optimization, review management and other proven methods.